Preserving Farm Fresh Eggs

freezing eggs

The winter months bring a slow-down of egg production on the farm. Shorter daylight hours and colder weather give our hens the okay to not lay as often, giving us a much lower farm fresh egg count daily. There are even days when I do not get any eggs for our family.

Farm Fresh Eggs

With the warmer weather and longer daylight hours, our hens go into overdrive. Now that spring has hit the farm and it is starting to warm up so quickly, our chickens are laying like crazy. Y’all! I’m telling you, we get anywhere between 12 to 22 eggs a day! A DAY! A for a family of 4, there is just NO WAY we can eat that many eggs. So, I have learned a way to preserve our farm fresh eggs for the winter months when our chickens are taking a break.

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Easy Homemade Mint Extract with Fresh Mint and Only Two Ingredients

homemade mint extract fresh mint leaves

If you garden, summertime means a lot of work harvesting every thing you planted in the spring. And although it is so amazing to have fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs, it also means more work on an already busy day here on the farm. Today, I will teach you how to make easy homemade mint extract with fresh mint using only two ingredients.

fresh mint leaves for mint extract homemade from scratch
Fresh mint from one of our many harvests

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