Updated Basic Wood Stools

Updated Basic Wood Stools

Do you have those basic wood stools somewhere in your home? We have had ours for over 20 years for sure! And although I love having them, I have grown tired of their basic and beat-up look. Today, I will show you how you can have updated Basic Wood Stools with a few simple steps. This project took me 2 days total (drying time included) and only required a mouse sander, a simple decal/stencil, black chalk paint, and some type of clear coat.

Updated Basic Wood Stools

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Homeschool Classroom Area Organization Tips

School at home seems to have become more “normal” than it used to be. Many families are struggling how to make virtual schooling work at home. Although not all families are traditional homeschooling families, I want to share some simple ways to organize your “school at home” or “homeschool” area. We’ve made a few changes to our homeschooling room (closet) which has made schooling more enjoyable and also more relaxed. The key to this …… homeschool classroom area organization.


As a traditional homeschool family, our schooling area is not confined to one room or space. We school ALL OVER! Believe me when I tell you, we school everywhere. We school in the kitchen, the living room couch, the car, even the stable. Sometimes, school must come with us and sometimes, we spend the entire day sitting on our bed, learning and growing. It is super important though to have one designated space where all of your schooling materials need to be. Keeping this school area organized is the key to a smooth running school time and makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone. Homeschool classroom area organization is truly the key.

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How to make a Luxurious Master Bedroom Retreat

master bedroom luxurious retreat

Having a place to retreat to at the end of the day can help you to get a better night’s rest. Sometimes, we need a place to get away from the busyness of life to rest and relax. Why not make your master bedroom a place like this ….. a retreat! And making a luxurious master bedroom is simple to do with just a few additions and changes.

The key to making a master bedroom retreat is to make the room feel like you are at a high-end, luxurious hotel. Take a minute; think about what makes a luxurious hotel room feel so wonderful. The bedding is usually soft, yet crisp. It usually is plush and full of layers. There is layer upon layer on the bed to give it that massive, luxurious feel. The bedding is usually pulled down just enough to give the glimpse of all of those layers. There are big and fluffy pillows and lots of them. There is LOTS of detail in all of the little things around the room. The room smells fresh and clean, new. When you open the door, it should make you want to go right to the bed and flop on it.

Achieving this look in your own master bedroom is simple to do on your own. Here are a few tips to help you turn your master bedroom into that luxurious retreat that you long for.

master bedroom retreat
Simply added details can give that luxurious look

Adding Layers

Adding layers is super important when you are trying to achieve that luxurious master bedroom retreat feeling in a room. You can start with adding layers to your bed and in the items around the room. Those layers can be in the sheets, the blankets, the pillows, dust ruffle, even in pictures and in decor. Each layer that you add makes your room more like a retreat than just a place to sleep.

Blankets & Sheets

Adding a beautiful duvet cover, along with an insert, make your bed feel luxurious. Doing a specific search in your Google search box can help you find the perfect bedding that you are looking for. I always use a coupon or make sure to find the bedding on sale. I search high and low all over the internet to find something I am looking for. The key is to get something on sale. HERE is a link to the most recent duvet cover we use in our master bedroom. In the summer, we sleep primarily with a sheet and LIGHT QUILT, also shown here with this link. When the fall and winter come around, I change our bedding to our duvet cover and insert. I love the look of both depending upon the time of year.

Sheets are super important when layering as well. You can find high-quality sheets (high thread count) in a few places. I like to order my sheets from Amazon because the prices are really good. They all sleep well in my opinion and if you are unable to purchase high-priced, high-quality sheets, the lower priced ones can be beautiful and still sleep comfortably. HERE are our current sheets in which we use on our master bed at this moment.

Blankets can be added to help with your layered look as well.

Pillows & Throws

Adding those layers doesn’t have to be pricey either. To add decorative pillows, I head to the thrift store. You can find decorative pillows well priced there. Don’t worry if they don’t match. Once home, I wash it and make an envelope pillow cover. I can be sure it will match the bedding by making a cover. Even if you don’t sew, pillow covers are super easy to make because you can make them with heated bonding tape. (video on this craft will be up on my YouTube channel soon.) You also can purchase pillow covers online and in crafting and home decor stores.

Finding throw blankets help with the layers look. I usually can find a pretty good sized throw at places like Ross, TJ Maxx, or Home Goods. The purpose of a throw is to use for days when you just need something over your feet or around your shoulders to cut the chill. Throws can add color, texture and also pattern to any bed.

All the Little Details

Layers can also happen on the walls or on top of furniture. Use a few pictures together along with a vase full of flowers. Layering pictures on the wall can work as well. You don’t want it to look cluttered so be sure to place your wall decor in a pattern or grouping. You can see our wall decor above the bed. Ours is very symmetrical but it doesn’t have to be. Playing around with items in the room to make groups of things and the position of those items can make all of the difference. Don’t be afraid to try new positions or to gather things in groups.

Adding Greenery & Flowers

Just by simply adding greenery or flowers to your master bedroom can help to make it feel more like a retreat. Whether your plants are alive or faux, just little hints here and there can make the room have a more luxurious feeling. Here, we have added a plant that we got about two years ago from Lowe’s. It was in the clearance section for $5. I moved it to a larger pot once we got home and it has been thriving ever since. Real plants actually help to clean the air and produce oxygen for you helping you to sleep better.

Adding flowers is easy too. Who doesn’t like fresh flowers in a room! I do grow my own here on the farm. However, many stores sell bouquets for a decent price. You can break apart the bouquet using multiple flowers in many different rooms. (You can see our cut-flower garden on our YouTube channel with this link: HERE. We add real flowers when we can. This year, we’ve added a cut-flower garden to our farm. Although I know that planting a flower garden isn’t on everyone’s list of things to do, I believe that anyone can grow a few flowers to cut and bring inside. Using containers to garden, even if you live in an apartment, can help you to bring the fresh flowers into your home.

You can find faux flowers that look so real, everyone will be touching them to see if they are. HERE you can find faux tulips that my husband swore were real until the day I boxed them up with the spring decor. Also take a look at the thrift stores too for faux flowers. The galvanized bucket above shows a group of flowers that I purchased at a local Good Will. I added 3 ranunculus flowers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby when they had their 50% off stem sale. All of the other flowers came from the thrift store.

Adding Final Setting for the Room

Adding those details that don’t necessary allow you to touch an actual thing is super important. Candles, melted wax, wall plug-ins, diffusing….. all very important. How your room smells when you first walk in will help to make the room feel like a luxurious master bedroom retreat. We have a gardenia Wallflower by Bath & Body Works plugged in right where you come into our room. Every time we walk in, the smell takes over and is totally relaxing for us both. We also run our diffuser every night with peppermint and eucalyptus. It not only helps my hubby with his sleep apnea, it helps to make our room smell sweet and delicious.