Homeschool Classroom Area Organization Tips

School at home seems to have become more “normal” than it used to be. Many families are struggling how to make virtual schooling work at home. Although not all families are traditional homeschooling families, I want to share some simple ways to organize your “school at home” or “homeschool” area. We’ve made a few changes to our homeschooling room (closet) which has made schooling more enjoyable and also more relaxed. The key to this …… homeschool classroom area organization.


As a traditional homeschool family, our schooling area is not confined to one room or space. We school ALL OVER! Believe me when I tell you, we school everywhere. We school in the kitchen, the living room couch, the car, even the stable. Sometimes, school must come with us and sometimes, we spend the entire day sitting on our bed, learning and growing. It is super important though to have one designated space where all of your schooling materials need to be. Keeping this school area organized is the key to a smooth running school time and makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone. Homeschool classroom area organization is truly the key.

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The Homestead & Farm Life Homeschool Schedule

homeschool schedule

Farm life, regardless of the size of the farm or homestead, can keep you really busy. Throw in a little hot weather, stormy weather or a harvest season, and life can truly get away from ya. I am often asked by people in all different stages of their lives, “How do you get everything done?” Today, I share our homeschool schedule on the farm. It’s just a little bit of what we do on a daily basis in order to get all of our schooling done while still being able to maintain our life here on the farm. Making a homeschool schedule on the farm is very important to making it all run smoothly.

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