Homemade Banana Bread

How many times do we buy bananas and never eat them before they turn brown? Oh I admit, I’m a bit guilty in doing this. However, I think subconsciously I tell myself when they are brown, they are ready for me to use. The darker the banana, the better it is for homemade banana bread. Today, I will share my recipe for making the delicious homemade banana bread that I used to make in our bakery when we owned it.

Bananas that are over ripened work best!

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Homemade Blueberry (or any berry) Muffins

blueberry muffins

Oh muffins! I just adore muffins, especially blueberry, or any berry, muffins. Fresh, homemade blueberry muffins. They are good with a big cup of coffee or tea in the morning for breakfast. Or they are good for a snack any time of the day. Oh how I love muffins!

Fresh blueberries from the one blueberry bush I have on the farm.

Muffins also come in all varieties and sizes as well. But when it is blueberry season, we make blueberry muffins. Warm, fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins are my favorite.

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Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

I adore comfort food and lots of cheese! My favorite and easiest recipe of Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo hits all of the comfort food feels for our family. It is very cheesy and super delicious. And although I serve it with a side salad full of healthy vegetables, this meal definitely fits into the comfort food category.

Today, I made Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo for my family because my kiddos actually ask for it. When I ask everyone, “So, what meal would you like me to put on the weekly menu?” 99% of the time, this one makes the list. (I’ll share others with you over the next few months.)

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Easy Homemade Crunchy Granola

granola with homemade yogurt

Sometimes, you just need a snack or something crunchy. I have a fabulous EASY HOMEMADE CRUNCHY GRANOLA recipe for you today that is not only simple to make, but so delicious, your kiddos will ask you to make it often.

I like granola for many reasons. It is a great way to get fiber in your diet but also to get the grain, fruits, protein, and other things that we don’t always just want to eat.

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Easy Homemade Mint Extract with Fresh Mint and Only Two Ingredients

homemade mint extract fresh mint leaves

If you garden, summertime means a lot of work harvesting every thing you planted in the spring. And although it is so amazing to have fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs, it also means more work on an already busy day here on the farm. Today, I will teach you how to make easy homemade mint extract with fresh mint using only two ingredients.

fresh mint leaves for mint extract homemade from scratch
Fresh mint from one of our many harvests

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