Daily Workout and Morning Routine

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It’s chilly out there. Well, at least for now. Here in central Oklahoma, we tend to get this warm snap early in the spring. However, we usually get a late freeze too. I am typing this on April 18th. Our last projected frost date is April 19th but we are expecting a freeze on the 20th. Geez! Some one spring! But regardless of how cold or hot it is, I work hard to get my daily workout and stick to my morning routine.

Even though we still have cold mornings, things on the farm must be done. Each morning, I begin my daily workout and routine as usual. First and foremost, I always begin my morning in the Word and spend time with God. It is the most important thing I do all day. I pour a cup of warm coffee with a little bit of cream, open my Bible and study His Word. Spending time with God is the most important part of my day. I spend a good amount of time speaking to Him in prayer. To make this happen, I wake up extra early just to make this happen.

Early Morning Hours

Farm life starts early. Life on the farm keeps me super busy. It keeps our entire family busy. We don’t have a ton of animals but we do have quite a few. All of these animals need to be watered and feed. I do the morning feedings most days. I actually enjoy walking around to all of the pens making sure everyone is healthy and safe from predators. It is a good amount of work, rain or shine, but it is so worth it with all these babies do for this farm.

My Morning Workout

Once all of the farm chores are finished, I take 30 minutes of private time to take my daily walk. Yes! Even after all of that work (farm chores usually take me anywhere from 40-60 minutes in the morning) I still fit in a walk. I walk the perimeter of our pasture and check the fence while I fit my morning walk in. I also say many more prayers during this time. Rain or shine, I’m out there walking.

Finding the Time

I believe it is a common misconception that in order to be healthy and lose weight, you must workout consistently for 60+ minutes daily. I have found that is not always the case. The key is to fit in exercise of all types in spirts throughout your day. 10-15 minute spirts of exercise can have the same affect as working out 60+ minutes.

It is also important to find the time to eat healthier and not always just grab what is easy. It takes a little bit of time to plan and prepare but it is worth it in the end. Setting time on a day off from work or other events to plan your meals and snacks will help in the process of losing weight and becoming healthy.

Squeezing It In

Now, this is what I do to squeeze in even more.

  • If you have stairs in your home, walk up and down a few times extra a day. They add up after a bit.
  • When going shopping or to work, try NOT to park close to the door. Parking further away will help to give you a few extra steps a day.
  • Make a few laps around your kitchen table, kitchen island, couch or other item in your home. Doing this a few times in your day helps to add steps.
  • Do leg lifts, hip abductors, or squats while washing dishes, drying your hair, putting on make-up, or other stationary moment.
  • When carrying in groceries or other shopping bags, do a few curls with each bag on each arm. This will give you a great arm workout without really thinking about it.
  • Do kegels while driving.
  • Sweep or vacuum a little extra during the week. Believe it or not, sweeping and vacuuming is great exercise.
  • Take a walk around your work building or home once extra a day.
  • Purchase a pedometer to track your steps. Try hard to reach 10,000 a day.

Tracking and Recording

I have been a member on SparkPeople.com for years, since 2003! It is a great free website where you can track and record everything. There are boards and pages where you can meet others just like you who are also trying to become healthy and lose weight. (This is NOT a promotion for SparkPeople. I just love their site so much and appreciate all they do to help others become healthy.) There are articles for you to read about healthy living and weight lose. You can join groups that will challenge you and push you harder than you even believe you can be. It is a great site and it is FREE! Score! You can find me there at TFFM_Nikki_Lynn. Join me on their site HERE.

So no matter where you are in your weigh loss and healthy lifestyle journey, there are ways you can add to your life to help you reach your goals. Simple changes or simple additions to your daily routine can really help you. Want to do this together? Be sure to comment below here or on my YouTube video posted here. Let’s be accountability partners and help each other get healthy! I’d love to help you with your daily workout and morning routine.

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