Essential Oil & Natural Products That Changed Our Family Lifestyle

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Changes made throughout the home to live a more natural, healthier lifestyle

If you are anything like me, change is a scary thing. Change feels like one of the worst things ever and is not a good thing that happens to us. Most people I have met over the years will say that change is scary, or makes me anxious and nervous. And although many (myself included) say change is something that they wish wouldn’t happen, it happens no matter what. Change is definitely part of our lives, whether we live on a country farm or live in the middle of a major city.

Me? Well, I used to be that person who felt like that about change. Change was scary. Change made me anxious and I would hang on to that anxiety for a long time. And if I am truly honest and open with you, it still does. I do not like change. I do not like not knowing what is to come.

And then we bought the farm. I believe the Lord laughed at me when we did this. I can hear Him up there saying, “You thought you didn’t like change before. Well, watch what I’m about to do.” I must admit …….. shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone ………… I’m SO glad He did.

Where does food come from?

One of the big changes I had to get used to was truly evaluating where our food came from, what was in the food we bought, and to learn how to grow much of our own food. It was a huge change for my family and me. Although I LOVE to grow things, I never thought about growing our food which would help us make it through the winter into the next gardening season. (Be sure to catch up on our garden series of blogs coming soon).

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Natural choices for our home

Another area where big changes happened for our family and homestead was to introduce and use ONLY natural cleaners and products, and were more Eco-friendly, compared to all of the chemicals and harsh products we had once used. It was difficult for me to find good products that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and to get that “convenience” belief out of my mind. Growing up in the city, it was just easier to go to the corner grocery or department store to grab our cleaning products. Little did I know what they were doing to our environment, let alone to our bodies. (Yet again, another blog series coming soon).

Essential Oils have changed me

The biggest change is my belief in essential oils. Believe me when I tell you, I was that ANTI-OIL person! I mean, disliked them with every ounce of my being. NEVER NEVER would you find oils in my home, and I was thankful for that. It bugged me how expensive they were and how people would PUSH them on you when you didn’t want them. YES! There are some very pushy oil people out there. I’m not that person but I will say this, NOW, I will talk to you about them if you are interested. YES, I am a changed lady! I do believe in the essential oil life. I do believe if used correctly, along with care from your doctor and by eating right and living a more natural lifestyle, they can help with being healthy, with healing, and can enhance your life here on this planet.

My first experience with essential oils was when we were visiting a friend. I was explaining to her that my kiddos were having a hard time with congestion as we visited. She handed me a diffuser and some peppermint and eucalyptus oil. She said, “Put water into up until where it says MAX FILL LINE and put a few drops of each of these in there. Turn it on and let it do its thing.” I was definitely doubting her in my mind but I would have never told her that while standing in her presence. The next morning, I couldn’t believe how much the diffused oils help my girls and also helped me. I felt better because I slept better. She explained a lot about these two oils and our visit went on as usual. Of course, my mind began to wonder and I began to research.

Once I got home, I got settled and unpacked from our vacation.I I decided to try the same two oils my friend had given me from the company which hubby and I became part of in our search in living a more natural lifestyle. Let me tell you, my hubby snores like crazy! There are times when he not only wakes us up with it, he wakes himself up. There are nights it seems that an airplane is landing on our roof. He has even been diagnosed with sleep apnea and was even given a C-PAP machine to help him sleep better. He would wear it (reluctantly) and would continually complain about being dried out and that it bothered him at night when he slept. Unfortunately, this led to him not wearing it as often as he should have.

I decided to diffuse peppermint and eucalyptus oil while we slept without the knowledge of my husband. As usual, he didn’t plan to wear his mask that evening. When he entered the room, he asked me what smelled good. I explained I was trying something different for my congestion. And off to bed we went, diffuser running.

Much to my surprise, hubby didn’t snore for most of the night again, until the diffuser turned off. I chuckled and told him about it. He didn’t believe it was even possible. So, that evening, I had HIM fill the diffuser with water and oil and allowed him to handle it. When he woke up, first thing he asked was if I heard him snoring. I was SUPER excited to tell him NO, not until the diffuser turned off. I’m happy it changed his mind because at first, he was making fun of me but after this night of good sleep and feeling better because he didn’t snore throughout the night.

Of course, if you are struggling with something health-wise, GO SEE and TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR first! But if they are advising you to do something which you may not be content with, be sure to check out all of the information on how essential oils may be able to help you. DO YOUR RESEARCH! It is the best advice I can give to you but also, open your mind to other ways to be healthy. I am so glad I am no longer the “anit-oil” lady.

(I’d love to introduce you to the PURE essential oils and a better pricing, so please be sure to message me at nikkilynncook@gmail or find me on Facebook/Instagram at The Faithful Farmer Momma. I’d love to introduce you to the amazing company that provides me with all of my essential oil needs but also provides us with an earth-friendly sort of cleaning products, both home and personal, and even with healthier food sources.)

My question to you (which I am asking you comment below) ………. what is something you have had a change of mind about? COMMENT BELOW! I’m truly interested in your changes!

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