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Welcome to the Farm! We are SO thankful you are here. The journey on our farm started a little over two years ago. Not sure how the hubby felt but we three girls all wanted land and animals so much that we could almost see it in our minds as if we were there. We had discussed it time and time again over dinner but each time, we put the idea in the back of our minds because we didn’t ever think it would be a reality.

Hubby and I started looking at land locally. We found some areas that were ……. well, okay. But the more we looked local and the more we prayed about it, the more we believed we were meant to look further than just North Carolina. The military had placed us there when hubby retired so of course, we started where we were. Little did we know what was coming around the bend for our little family.

We started looking at other states in the U.S. that were generous to homeschooling families and also veterans. We looked in Montana, Michigan, New Mexico, even Texas. Over and over again, we kept seeing the idea of us owning land and moving to start our little hobby farm take a little bit of a further step behind us. It was getting discouraging to say the least. However, we began to look at Oklahoma. Oklahoma, you know, “where the wind comes sweeping down the plains”. Oh you know you are singing it right now! We had lived here with both of our girls were born and liked it when we were here. It was half way between my family and hubby’s family. They are VERY homeschool loving as it is written in their state constitution that parents have the right to decide what is best for their kiddos. YIPPY! And as both hubby and I are prior military and veterans, Oklahoma is the most amazing state in the Vet department. They totally take care of them. So, off we blindly drove west from our North Carolina home, in search of some land to build a home and start our homestead. We set out in our RV staying here and there, checking out local listings for land and enjoying the areas we visited. There were a few that we liked but nothing really said, THIS IS IT! We decided to check out a few piece of land with a house already built. There were some doosies that for sure. But we did see a few beautiful ones as well. Again, nothing really said, THIS IS IT! We were just about ready to throw in the towel and there it was. Our modern farmhouse with 25+ areas completely fenced! YES! This was it! And hubby knew it right off the bat!

Long story short, here we are. Two plus years later, enjoying our new to us modern farmhouse. It is modern, yes. It is new, yes. But it is beautiful and perfect for us. And even though I love the old farmhouse style, it doesn’t mean this house wasn’t for us. We are working on making this beauty our forever home and in our style of that beautiful, old farmhouse.

Have you ever just decided to up and move? How did your family and friends react to that? If you did move, are you still there? Do you still happy you did? I know we are and honestly, do not think we would change a thing to how we got here.

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