Essential Oil & Natural Products That Changed Our Family Lifestyle

essential oils with diffuser

Changes made throughout the home to live a more natural, healthier lifestyle

If you are anything like me, change is a scary thing. Change feels like one of the worst things ever and is not a good thing that happens to us. Most people I have met over the years will say that change is scary, or makes me anxious and nervous. And although many (myself included) say change is something that they wish wouldn’t happen, it happens no matter what. Change is definitely part of our lives, whether we live on a country farm or live in the middle of a major city.

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Blackberry Crumble with Fresh Blackberries

blackberry crumble

Our Homestead Treasure Find

Making fresh, from scratch blackberry crumble wasn’t something that I expected to do this week. However, a homestead treasure that we found changed that. Don’t you love it when you stumble upon something that may be something you are looking for? Don’t you love when you stumble upon something that to you, is a huge treasure? I love a good find. Whether it is new or old, whether you are looking for a particular thing or not. I love stumbling upon something that truly is a great find. I am always on the hunt for vintage baskets, old pictures, white vases, old tables and chairs, and even old dishes. But something I love that happens is when you stumble upon self-starting and growing veggies and fruit around our homestead. That truly is a blessing and treasure to my family and me.

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Welcome to the Farm!

Welcome to the Farm! We are SO thankful you are here. The journey on our farm started a little over two years ago. Not sure how the hubby felt but we three girls all wanted land and animals so much that we could almost see it in our minds as if we were there. We had discussed it time and time again over dinner but each time, we put the idea in the back of our minds because we didn’t ever think it would be a reality.

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